Reasons not to visit your Dentist !!!

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5 poor excuses not to visit your dentist

” I’m your dentist , and I Love the career that I picked , I’m your dentist and I enjoy  the pain I inflict

“Dentist ” from Little Shop of Horrors

The lyrics of this song unfortunately , accurately convey the attitude of many  people to us lovely dentists .

action-timeIdeally you should visit your dentist twice a year . Figures show that only 2 out of every 8 adults attended last year for their free annual dental exam , covered by the two State schemes , Medical card and PRSI .

What excuses are used to avoid that check up ?

1. It’s going to hurt

This excuse may seem reasonable , but in the end will cause you more pain The mouth is a hypersensitive part of the body . It’s full of nerve endings and any of these can cause pain .

As a dentist , it is impossible to promise a pain free experience . What we can say , is that we make every effort to ensure it is as pain free as possible, by using technology such as the wand and taking time with procedures .

What we can promise is that the amount of pain you may feel in the surgery , is much less than the pain you will experience if your dental problem continues untreated .

2. The dentist will ” give out ” to me

Many people think their dentist is like a cross old aunt , and they are waiting for the cross comment when they meet the dentist .

Very few people will go somewhere knowing that they will get their knuckles rapped . So when things have been neglected , it can be hard to pluck up the courage to come in .

Who can blame people for skipping on it completely ?

However , your dental visit should never be an intimidating experience . Think of us like your car mechanic
When you take your car to the garage , they tell you to get your oil changed every 10,000 miles . It’s advice — and it’s the same with the advice your dentist gives you . A good dentist will never make you feel bad about the time lapse since your last visit.

There are lots of good dentists out there – if you have gone to one who makes you feel belittled or bullied when they talk to you , then its time to find a new dentist .

3. It’s a waste of time

The way our lives are today , chances are , you don’t have a lot of free time . In the ever expanding list of to dos , going to the dentist isn’t likely to be up top. While most people don’t equate a visit to the dentist with a visit to the doctor , the importance of a regular Dental visit to overall health , cannot be understated .

The mouth is a mirror to the rest of the body . If an infection takes hold in the mouth , it can lead to serious medical problems for the whole body .

There is a direct relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes . Heart disease , osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis are also linked to poor dental health .

Also the incidence of oral cancer is increasing , and again your check up should include an oral cancer screening . Caught early , the prognosis is much improved So while it s easy to say its a waste of time , the reality is different

4) I might need more work done

This is a commonly used excuse , but it really doesn’t make much sense . The longer you leave the problem , the more expensive it becomes to get it right .

Dental problems don’t go away just because you don’t visit the dentist

5 It will be too expensive

When your face is numb , and your lip is drooling , your jaw may initially drop further when you discover the cost of treatment . As we already said , putting off your visit only makes the eventual trip more  expensive , and certainly paying for preventative treatment pays dividends .

Even though dentists are portrayed as sadistic characters , the truth is we are  genuinely concerned about your health.