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Find out what’s wrong before visiting your dentist and have an informed discussion about the best, most urgent care you need. Get a Dental Report for free by taking 6 photos and sending them to your local dentist.

Save Money

Save Money by catching dental problems earlier and preventing future treatment. Save time by getting your dental consult through your smartphone, without leaving home or the office.

Maintain Records

Manage and profile your dental care, and the dental care of your family for the rest of your life. Keep your children cavity free by preventing, rather than repairing, problems.

How It Works


After Downloading the OralEye App. Then follow the instructions to take 6 simple photos and submit your case. You’ll be notified when your report is ready (usually within 24 hours). When you’re ready to proceed with treatment just click the ‘Book Appointment’ button at the bottom of your report and your dentist will do the rest. Easy. Then don’t forget to use the OralEye App regularly with you and your family to make sure you maintain a healthy smile and healthy body.

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