Books a dentist should not to have in their waiting room

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Books not to have in the dentists waiting room

demondentistimageI love books and I always try to have interesting books to read in the waiting room .No one likes waiting , but sometimes in today’s busy world , fifteen minutes waiting can be a welcome down time. Especially for mothers with children -and what better way to spend that time than reading to your children ! Or so I thought !

I am a big fan of David Walliams and have had great fun with my kids reading his books . Gangsta Granny  was a particular favourite and reading it aloud was a great way to encourage reading .

So when Amazon kindly suggested that people who liked Gangsta Granny also liked Demon Dentist , I immediately thought I have to have that for our waiting room .

I picked up the book in our great local bookshop in Mullingar ” Just Books ” and placed it on the table in our waiting room –without even opening it to view the contents

So far so good –until this morning .

The clinic was humming along when suddenly there was a lot of shouting and shouting from the waiting room . Out I went to have a look . What I saw was one seriously hassled mother with two kids in tow . I tell you these kids did not want to be anywhere near the dentist .

Over I went to help out and was stopped in my tracks by one of the kids waving a book at me like a weapon ..

What is that book ?

OMG Demon Dentist by David Williams with a cover picture of a female dentist dressed in a white coat , waving the biggest needle you will ever see at a couple of kids.

And guess what colour my coat was ? You got it in one ! -White

Ok so now I realised I should have looked at this book before putting it in the waiting room ! . As quick as a flash , I asked the kids did they like magic and of course they did . So do I, I said and I have a magic wand . Things were calming down now . Let me show you my wand and how it can make needles disappear .

Within 10 minutes both kids had been numbed no problem and after that it was plain sailing .

So in future I will check books before putting them in the waiting room and congratulate myself again for being one of the few dentists in Ireland to use the Wand.