Invisalign: the Clear Alternative to BracesInvisalign Provider

A confident smile that makes the world smile with you

Have you ever wished for a straighter, whiter smile but simply can’t imagine wearing braces? If so, have you heard about Invisalign?

For a smile that transforms your appearance, Mullingar Dental now offers Invisalign Tooth Straightening, the easiest and most comfortable way to tidy uneven teeth without anyone ever noticing.  You could say Invisalign is all about straightening teeth without braces, as it uses clear aligners that are invisible and are perfect for anyone in the public eye.

Invisalign comparison

We are delighted that Dr Akram Jasim Msc. Ortho and Dr Joanna Sikorska-O’Brien are now providing Invisalign at Mullingar Dental.  As members of the Invisalign Specialist Orthodontic Group, Dr Jasim and Dr Sikorska-O’Brien are up to date with all the latest advances and techniques available with Invisalign to ensure a great result for you.

Why is Invisalign a great choice?

Invisalign is an innovative technology that straightens your teeth with a series of clear customised removable aligners, they are very thin like gum shields in a hard plastic, the aligner is a piece of medical grade plastic that fits over the teeth like a glove fits over a hand.  Hardly anyone can tell that you are wearing them and the aligners can be removed so that you can eat whatever you want during treatment.  Invisalign consists of a series of these aligners which you change every 2 weeks.   Little by little your teeth move gently until they are straightened to the final position you feel is right for you

Are you Suitable for Invisalign?

We offer a variety of options to suit the different needs of our patients.

So what kind of patients are suitable for Invisalign?  To tell the truth most patients are.  It is suitable for teenagers, adults, people with crooked teeth, people with spaces between their teeth, suitable for those who have never had braces and for those who have had braces and may have had treatment relapse due to not wearing their retainers

So start on the right track today and find out how you can achieve the smile you always wanted.  We offer a FREE consultation to discuss your options and once we have decided and agree on a suitable treatment for you, then the cost will be finalised

What is the Process?

First Visit – FREE Consultation (normal cost would be €70), during your consultation we will listen and advise you on how you can achieve the smile you always wanted, we will talk you through the Invisalign Invisible Braces tooth straightening system and discuss what is right for you

Second Visit – Impressions of your teeth and Digital Xrays are taken here at the practice and these are sent to Invisalign in the USA for Treatment Planning

Four Weeks Later –  An appointment is needed to discuss the treatment plan with Dr Akram Jasim Msc. Ortho or Dr Joanna Sikorska-O’Brien, at this appointment you will be shown where the attachments will be placed on your teeth if required during treatment, you need to approve the treatment and from here it will go to the next stage.  If you are not happy with some aspect of the treatment, it may have to be resubmitted to the States

Four Weeks Later – The first set of aligners are fitted.  Welcome to the world of Invisalign

Two Weeks Later – If you are having attachments we will see ykhadija_jpg_200x200_q85ou again just to place the attachments and then after that every 6 weeks you will have a review appointment.  At home you will be changing your aligners every 2 weeks

The treatment will last from 8 months to 24 months and we will let you know a timeline when we finalise the treatment with you.

At the end of treatment, congratulations now is the time to sit back and smile, once you finish wearing each aligner your treatment will be finished and you will have the beautiful smile you always wanted.