Underarm Sweating

Are you embarrashed with underarm sweating

Did you know you could easily stop the sweat marks

Excessive sweating from the underarm area , also known as hyperhidrosis , is a condition that effects more people than you might think and this is more prevalent in the summer months.

Some of our patients that are effected with this, normally won’t wear coloured clothing as the sweat is more noticeable.

Now, botox can be used to eliminate or reduce the excessive sweating and let our patients lead a more normal life and for once enjoy the Summer.

The botox procedure is relatively straight forward.

  • You must not use any deodorant for at least 24 hours before the botox injections .
  • On average we use about 12-15 botox injection spots per underarm .
  • We use small needles similar to acupuncture needles so there is minimal discomfort.
  • We would review after 2 weeks and administer any top up if required.
  • No anaesthetic is needed and the whole process takes twenty minutes.
  • It can be done at lunchtime and you can go back to work afterwards.
  • Clinical studies have shown this to reduce sweating by 80 to 90 .
  • We provide it for 500 euro and there is tax relief available .


Frequently asked question:

Q: Is Botulinum Toxin safe ?
In the armpit, yes it is . There are some rare cases where it is not suitable which will be discussed with you. It is also best avoided in pregnancy .

Q: Is Botulinum Toxin not expensive?
No, not when you consider the cost of frequent change of clothing, deodorants etc . Social embarrassment and phobia also has an immeasurable cost. You can claim tax relief when given for therapeutic reasons.

Q: How do I arrange it ?
If you have not had Botox before, you will need to have a consultation with Dr William Stanley B Dent Sc here at Mullingar Dental Centre, to ensure you are suitable. This usually lasts 30 minutes and costs 50 euro. We generally prefer not to do treatment at that visit, to give you time to think about it. However if you have travelled and are happy to go ahead, we can do the treatment on the day.
If you have had Botox elsewhere , and feel well informed , you can simply call 044 9340 370 and arrange an appointment for treatment .
The first treatment will last for 6 months and subsequent treatments will last 8 months.