Q?What suggestions do you have for Nervous Patients?

1. Inform us regarding your dental phobia. We will know what techniques to implement in order to make everything easier. By informing us about your fears, you will have a feeling of more control while sitting in the chair for examination and treatment.

2. Keep in mind that the dental science and technology has improved a great deal over the past few years. There are several innovative techniques available that will help you feel extremely comfortable.

3. Ask us to explain to you the entire dental procedure. By knowing what comes up next, you will get rid of at least 50% of your anxiety and phobia.

4. Consider the option of using medication for relaxation. For some patients we will recommend nitrous oxide, while for others we will recommend anti anxiety or sedation drugs that will help you relax during the treatment.

5. Good communication can mean the world to you. We will openly discuss your treatment with you and make the experience much more comfortable for you.

6. Practice relaxation techniques. You can do a few breathing control exercises, or you might want to listen to music before or during the dental treatment. We can schedule your treatment for the first hours of the morning ensuring that you will not have to spend long hours of the day stressed and thinking about the upcoming dental treatment.

7. Take over part of the control. You can talk openly to us and agree that whenever you feel uncomfortable during the treatment, you are going to raise your hand in order to signal that you want the dentist to “stop” for a moment.

8. Prevention can help you avoid complex and lengthy dental treatments. Make sure to respect the regular checkups with us, and have the dental work done in time. If you go to the dentist when you already struggle with a lot of complications, this will also mean a much longer treatment time.

9. Take it step by step — tell us about your fears, and ask to be allowed time to get used to the dental surgery environment. Start with a routine dental examination first; then, ask for a professional dental cleaning. From the third appointment on, the more complex procedures can start such as fillings or extractions.

10. Before scheduling an dental appointment make sure to visit us at Mullingar Dental Centre and meet with the team in order to discuss a few details. This will give you enough time to get prepared for your upcoming treatment.

Q?When should children first attend the dentist?

Your child should attend the dentist when the first tooth erupts.Please contact us about our Mother and Baby Oral Health Sessions.

Q?What Treatment am I entitled to under the Medical Card scheme?

Your Medical Card entitles you to an annual check-up, two fillings per year, unlimited extractions and a denture every five years.Please provide us with your medical card number and expiry date when making your appointment and bring your card with you at every visit. Unfortunately, the GP only medical card does not currently cover dental treatment.

Q?Will My PRSI Cover Dental Treatment?

The PPS (PRSI) scheme qualifies you to one dental health check per year. Please provide us with your PPS number in advance of your appointment, so that we can check your entitlements with the Department of Social Welfare.