More HSE Cuts

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The HSE Public Dental Service offers a free dental service to all children up to the age of 16 . Up until recently , most children were examined and provided with routine dental treatment in second class , and in 6th class in primary school ( with some children also seen in 4th class ) This was far from ideal , as children should have their first dental visit before their first birthday , and have regular 6 monthly check ups from three years of age . However ,it meant that at least children were seen shortly after their first molars erupted in second class , and as premolars erupted aged 12.
In the past few years there have been huge reductions in the staffing levels in the Public Dental Service as retiring staff were not replaced because of the jobs embargo. As a result , staffing levels are at an all time low .
A decision was made last week by the HSE to prioritise 6th class pupils in all areas of the country , and not carry out any examinations for second class students until all sixth class pupils have been seen . Effectively this means that children will now have their first dental examination at aged 12 , 11 years later than recommended .
Parents now need to speak up and demand a proper dental service for their children . Please contact your local TD and register your concerns . You can also register your concerns by emailing us on .