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Dentistry for the 21st Century is all about giving you back your smile and restoring your confidence…Here at Mullingar Dental Centre we have the technology and the expertise to do just that
First impressions by one person or another are often the most important, and can be critical in executive business deals. Research has shown that when we first meet one another, there is a subconscious way that our brains and eyes interact with the other person:
Your eyes scan from their eyes, to their nose and then to their mouth. From there on the scan (for most of us) opens to the rest of their face and then the person.

Is your first impression a good one..?

Probably, if you have a stunning smile with fantastic teeth. But, if you have stained teeth, large chips in your teeth, or missing front teeth, these will be used to construct that first impression which people store in their memory and use whenever they think of you…
Large metallic fillings can discolour and internally stain your surrounding tooth structure. Crooked teeth immediately stand out from the crowd. Missing teeth and poorly designed crowns can create black areas in your mouth. Current research shows that people equate ugly teeth with lower intelligence…