iTero 3D scanner

A more comfortable, accurate scan for your orthodontic treatment

No more gagging on impressions!!

We have the iTero scanner here which is a wand like instrument that we use to get a 3D picture of your teeth and how the top and bottom teeth bite together.

Do you remember having impressions or moulds taken with a soft material which made you gag? Well that's history at Mullingar Dental Centre.

We'll take a 3D scan at your free orthodontic consultation which allows you see your mouth instantly on the computer screen. We can look at your image and decide what is the best type of brace for you.

Mullingar Dental Center - iTero 3D scanner, Dr Joanna Sikorska O'Brien

Dr Joanna Sikorska O'Brien, our Platinum Invisalign provider at Mullingar Dental Centre, with the iTero 3D scanner.

We'll upload your image to Invisalign or a traditional orthodontic lab and get started on your treatment plan. We'll show you your treatment options and outcomes on your next visit.

We can use the scans during your treatment to check that your teeth are moving according to plan.

We also take a final scan to make your retainer at the end of treatment. You can see the iTero Scanner in action here:

Call us to book your scan.

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