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Specialist Oral Surgeon

Specialised care for all your oral surgery needs

We are delighted to have Specialist Oral Surgeon, Justin Moloney on our team to facilitate patients comfort and quality of treatment. We can perform services using:

  • local anaesthetic only
  • local anaesthetic and intra-venous sedation (where the patient is conscious but not aware)
  • general anaesthetic.

Justin is an Oral Surgeon with greater than 20 years experience in the dental profession in Ireland, The UK and further afield. He has taught for over 10 years in the Dublin Dental University Hospital and holds a three-year postgraduate qualification in Oral Surgery that has led to registration as a specialist with the Dental Council of Ireland. He has written a number of scientific papers that have been published in the Journal of the Irish Dental Association.

Mullingar Dental Center - Specialist Oral Surgeon

Justin works in the practice on the first Thursday of every month and he provides the following services

  1. surgical extraction of difficult teeth
  2. extractions of multiple decayed teeth under sedation
  3. extraction of impacted wisdom teeth
  4. exposure of canine ( “eye ” ) teeth which have not come through properly
  5. removal of cysts
  6. biopsies of lumps etc
  7. Placement and restoration of dental implants

SPECIAL NOTE: please let us know prior to your appointment if you require sedation as you will need to have pre op instructions and ensure you have someone to escort you home afterwards .

Justin is a fully participating surgeon with VHI, Laya Health and Aviva health insurance. This means that all procedures will be fully covered by your insurance and there is no need to seek prior approval for the treatment from your insurer. The initial consultation of €100 will not be covered by your insurance. Also, if you opt to have your treatment carried out under sedation, there will be an additional fee of €150 for this service which is not covered by health insurance.

We do ask that you confirm and pre pay for the oral surgery services as it is difficult to deal with payments etc during a visit that requires sedation.  Also we need to confirm appointments as he is high demand and only available once a month. We understand that there are occasions when cancellation is required, but we'd ask for commitment from you to keep your appointment once arranged.


“I was so worried; Justin’s professional manner calmed me down and the quality of service was excellent.”

Dervila Kennedy.

“I was very nervous. Justin really listened and put me at my ease.”

Josephine O’Donnell.

“His flexibility to see me in an emergency made all the difference.”

Jack Ryan.

“Justin’s explanation of sedation was very thorough and I found it amazing -didn’t remember a thing.”
Gen Sheehan.

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