If you’ve lost a tooth through an accident, or can’t save your teeth due to advanced gum disease, then implants may be a good option.

If you’ve lost a tooth through an accident or have lost several teeth due to gum disease or dental decay, then implants may be a good option for you to replace your missing teeth.

Are you one of nearly 2 million people in Ireland who have one or more missing teeth? Are you self-conscious about the gap or hate wearing a "plate" to replace one tooth? Maybe you're missing several teeth and finding it hard to eat and talk comfortably with your dentures. Then a dental implant or a number of dental implants could be the solution for you.

The best thing is to look after your teeth and not to lose your teeth at all. Nowadays with modern prevention techniques and treatment options, you are more likely than ever to keep your teeth.

However, sometimes due to bone loss caused by gum disease, or because the tooth has decayed to such an extent that the tooth cannot be repaired, then tooth loss is inevitable. You may also lose teeth through an accident.

Dental implants are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The dental implants themselves are small Titanium screws that actually replace the tooth root, and then this root is used to support either the missing tooth or a denture/bridge is screwed into the implant roots.

So to have dental implants placed, you need to have enough bone in order for us to place the dental implant. Sometimes we are able to supplement the bone by adding artificial bone to the site. If you are having one dental implant to replace 1 - 3 teeth then the implant will be placed to hold either a crown or bridge. If you are missing most of your teeth, you will need a number of implants placed, between 4 - 6 on the upper and lower jaw, and then a framework place which will hold your denture or fixed bridge.

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The implant process does take time. The implant is placed first and this will need to knit with the bone over a period of 2 - 3 months. Once this is completed we will start to replace the missing tooth or teeth on top.

At Mullingar Dental Centre we offer FREE pre-treatment implant consultations with our Treatment Co-ordinator. This will give you an opportunity to discuss the whole process, whether you are suitable, and to find out more about the whole process of Dental Implants.

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