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    Sound Teeth Guarantee

    State of art AI system. Complete protection, absolute peace of mind.

  • Introducing Our New Mullingar Dental Guarantee


    To give our patients peace-of-mind our Mullingar Dental Guarantee offers all patients the opportunity to have their natural teeth guaranteed for 12 months. The guarantee gives patients cost-free dentistry up to the value of €3000 to repair, restore or replace any teeth under our guarantee.

    This guarantee is issued by your own dentist, who will certify using the latest AI technology that your teeth, including crowns and fillings are structurally sound and qualify for total coverage for the next 12 months. This guarantee is available for only €199 per year.



    You can get started by discussing this option with your dentist at your next visit. Have your natural teeth guaranteed and get peace of mind. Get in touch today. 

  • Key Benefits for Patients


    12-months complete protection against naturally occurring dental problems


    Cost-free repair, restoration or replacement any teeth that become structurally unsound, during the guarantee period, up to the value of €3,000 p/a


    A professional guarantee — NOT insurance.



  • Sound Teeth Guarantee

    Ask about this at your next dental appointment

  • FAQ

    Everyone can use it, and for any treatment type. It fully covers most dental queries and concerns.

    No, you just need to go to our website, make an account and follow the prompts.

    Yes, fill in the patient contact info, take your photos as instructed and submit them. You then will have a report as soon as one of our dentists has reviewed everything. If you’d like, you can then elect to request an in-office appointment or a video consult.

  • Have questions? CONTACT US TODAY!

    If you have questions about the Sound Teeth Guarantee, please contact us today. We look forward to serving your dental needs.