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    Meet our team of professionally trained staff here. We want to be your family's dental home.


    At Mullingar Dental Centre we believe it's important that all members of your family are cared for to a high standard, whatever their age. Your children need to have regular preventive care to enable them to grow up with disease free mouths, and to allow them to keep their teeth for life.


    We encourage parents to bring their children in as soon as their first tooth appears. We're always here to offer advice regarding your child’s oral health and we often post tips on our Facebook page which you can follow here. By involving parents in prevention, we can fight against dental disease more effectively. Toys and books are available in reception for younger children.

    We promise you a friendly welcome to each visit. We know it can be hard to pluck up the courage to call the dentist, especially if you haven't been in years. When you call us, you’ll hear a sympathetic and friendly voice. And when you come in, we’ll do everything to make you feel relaxed and at home. Many patients tell us they worry about visiting the dentist. That's why we explain exactly what we do before, during and after each treatment.

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    Here's our professional team to support you. All of our dentists are registered with the Irish Dental Council and adhere to the rules and guidelines as laid down by the Council .

    Mullingar Dental Center - Dr Anne O’Donnell

    Dr Anne O’Donnell

    Clinical Director

    Anne graduated from Cork Dental School a number of years ago – “more years than I care to remember” – and has had her own practices for a long time.


    Anne constantly attends courses and training to further her skills and to improve her patient’s dental experience. She strongly believes that new technologies are making the experience so much better for her patients, so she feels it’s her duty to stay up-to-date on all the newest advances.


    Anne always aims to provide gentle, painless dental care which is centred on the whole person – “I treat people not teeth!” – Anne’s particular interests include teeth straightening, cosmetic work (including crowns) and treating children.


    Anne loves to see how transforming someone’s smile and improving their oral health can have a positive impact on their lives.

    Outside of work, Anne is married and has three young adult children. She loves walking, reading, food and travel…but not all at once!

    Mullingar Dental Center - Dr. Mujtaba Lakho (Sameer)

    Mujtaba Lakho (Sameer)

    Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry

    Dr Mujtaba Lakho, also known as Dr Sameer provides advanced treatments including root canals and is currently finishing his masters in endodontics root canal at Queen Mary University, London. He provides smile makeovers to patients with cosmetic composite bonding or Crown and Bridge.


    His patients love his gentle, easy manor and his efficient pain free treatment. He also provides anti-wrinkle treatment.


    He loves spending time with his wife Mariam and their two little boys.

    Read a lovely review we received for Dr. Sameer here.

    Mullingar Dental Center - Saifullah Khan

    Saifullah Khan

    Special Care Dentist

    Dr Saif Khan qualified in Pakistan and completed his Masters in Special Care Dentistry in the Eastman, London. He started working at Mullingar Dental Centre in August 2016.


    He likes treating patients with special needs and his very calm nature makes him very popular with his patients, young and old. He also provides treatment under sedation which is great for nervous patients. For those that require to be seen for General Aesthetic, Dr Saif has operating rights in St Francis Hospital, Ballinderry.

    Dr Khan likes to spend his spare time travelling seeing the lovely sights in Ireland with his lovely wife Sabrina who also works with us on reception. Read more about Dr. Khan here.

    Mullingar Dental Center - Marium Lakho

    Marium Lakho


    Marium is a dentist and is married to Sameer. She does a lot of smile transformations. Both Marium and Sameer have trained in Facial Aesthetics with Dr Harry Singh of The Botox Training Club and they work together to provide anti-wrinkle treatment and facial fillers. Marium is our expert on lip fillers. She spends her spare time looking after Mikhail, her adorable 20 month old son, and she also loves to travel.

    Mullingar Dental Center - Donna Paton

    Donna Paton

    Registered Dental Hygienist

    Donna is our dental hygienist, and has over 20 years experience. Donna qualified as a hygienist from Dundee Dental Hospital and has worked in Scotland and Ireland, in general and specialist practices. Donna now works most of the week in Mullingar and one day in Tullamore. We have patients coming from Dublin and Kildare (where Donna previously worked) to visit her.

    Donna is the President of the Irish Dental Hygienists Association and works tirelessly and passionately for her colleagues.

    She treats her patients with the same energy and enthusiasm, and is a real champion for oral health and overall health. Patients who sometimes put off hygiene visits because of bad experiences in the past are always pleasantly surprised with their visit to Donna. We plan to introduce the painfree EMS airflow and piezon scaling system shortly which will make the experience even better!

    Donna has recently trained with Oravital, the Canadian system for treating gum disease, and patients will see huge benefits from this.
    Donna is married with two grown up sons. In her spare time she loves travelling, gardening and organising fun outings for the staff at Mullingar Dental!

    Mullingar Dental Center - Donna Paton

    Dr Lobna Alghazal


    Dr. Lobna Alghazal graduated with a first class honour degree in dentistry from Benghazi University in year 2010. She completed in 2019 a three-years full time clinical doctorate programme in the Trinity College Dublin in Periodontics and implant surgery. She worked for several years in general dental practice In Libya and held a position as a training teacher in Benghazi dental university and hospital. She also works in different specialist dental practices across Ireland and a member of the Irish society of periodontology.

    Dr. Alghazal was granted the Membership of the Faculty of Dentistry (MFD) followed by a Fellowship in Periodontics (FFD) by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

    In addition to her clinical practice, Lobna is passionate about human rights and civil equality in her home country and across the world. She is an active member of the Tanweer movement organization and a member of the humanist organization of Ireland; Lobna also is in the process of confounding the first humanist organization of Libya that focuses on freedom of speech. Lobna likes to spend her free time with her family, husband Attia and her son Isaac.

  • Practice Manager, Administration & Treatment Co-ordinator

    Mullingar Dental Center - Tara Mullally

    Sandra Duffy

    Practice Manager

    Sandra has worked in Dentistry for over 22 years now and qualified has a Dental Nurse in 2000. She has worked as Practice Administration in Specialist Practices in Dublin for 15 years before joining Mullingar Dental Centre in September 2019. She is current Administrator for Irish Endodontic Society. She is an avid Arsenal fan and is Secretary of Dublin Arsenal Supporters Club.

    Mullingar Dental Center - Tara Mullally

    Tara Mullally

    Treatment Co-ordinator, Dental Nurse

    Tara is also our treatment coordinator. Have a free consultation with Tara and go through your treatment options. Tara is a super nurse.

    Mullingar Dental Center - Tara Mullally

    Fiona Wakeman


    Fiona is a qualifed Dental Nurse orginially from Scotland who worked for the NHS and moved over to Ireland some 10 years ago. Fiona works remotely offsite for Mullingar Dental Centre as an Office Administrator.

  • Mullingar Dental Center - What Clinic Award Recipient

    What Clinic

    Award Recipient

    Mullingar Dental Center - Registered Member of Irish Dental Council

    Irish Dental Council

    Registered Member

    Mullingar Dental Center - Dedicated Treatment for  Dental Phobics

    Dedicated Treatment for

    Dental Phobics

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We are GDPR compliant
Privacy Policy
We seek your consent to obtain and process personal data for the purpose of providing you with dental treatment safely and to the highest standards.  This Statement is your guide to the principles of privacy and confidentiality which govern the collection, use, storage, disclosure and destruction of your personal data in this practice.
The data compliance officer in this practice is Anne O’Donnell BDS NUI
Obtaining personal information
It is important to obtain, use and store information about you, your general and your dental health in order to provide dental care efficiently and reduce the risk of injury or other damage to your health.  This personal data includes:
Personal details such as your name, age, address, telephone numbers, email address,
PPS number, and medical card number/expiry date
Your doctor and relevant Medical Consultant(s)
Your medical and dental history
X-rays, clinical photographs and study models
Information about proposed treatment, options, consent to treatment, treatment provided and its cost
Notes of conversations or incidents that might occur for which a record needs to be kept
Any correspondence with other healthcare professionals relating to you including agreed referrals to other healthcare professionals
Your personal information is stored on computer.This practice is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner. 
We will regularly update your personal data, including your medical care, to keep it relevant.  We ask that you please inform us of any significant changes, such as a change of address or other contact details, at your earliest convenience. It is important to know that the collection, use or possible disclosure of this data may be crucial to our ability to safely provide you with the care you require; without your agreement to this process it may not be possible to undertake treatment.
You have access to a copy of your personal data upon written request and the right to have data rectified if incorrect.
Personal data is kept for specified, explicit and lawful purposes
Your personal data is obtained, kept and used primarily for the purpose of providing you with healthcare efficiently and safely at all times.Staff within the practice will have access to the data on a ‘need-to-know’ basis to ensure you receive the highest standard of care.In the course of your care, members of the dental team may access your records:
To  prepare for and to complete your dental care
To identify and print a prescription
To generate a work certificate
To type, if dictated or print a referral letter to another healthcare professional
To open correspondence or any other documents from other healthcare professionals
To print or photocopy your records if you instruct us to forward them to another healthcare professional
To collate, print, photocopy and post insurance or medico-legal reports.
To complete insurance payment claims, such as PRSI, GMS and private health insurance forms. 
It is practice policy to send you a reminder of when your next ‘check-up’ is due. This reminder is sent to you by post/electronic mail/ or text message.  We seek your consent to use your personal data for this propose and advise you of your right to refuse to have your data used for this purpose.
Personal data is only used and disclosed for the purpose of your care
All members of the dental team adhere to the practice’s Code on Confidentiality in compliance with the Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003, and the Dental Council’s Code of Practice relating to Professional Behaviour and Ethical Conduct, 2012.
Any disclosure of personal data, without your consent, can only be done for specified, legitimate reasons (8 (a-h), Data Protection Act, 1988; Section 10, Dental Council’s Code of Practice relating to Professional Behaviour and Ethical Conduct, 2012).
Access to your personal data is on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.  This prohibits the release of your information to a spouse, partner or family member without your explicit consent.  A guardian or carer may have the right to access information in the case of vulnerable adults or those with diminished mental capacity.  A parent or guardian will have access to your personal information if you are less than 16 years of age.
A copy of your dental records will be transferred to another practice or healthcare professional upon your written request.
Your consent will be sought before the release of any data to other healthcare professionals and then only the relevant part of your records will be released.All healthcare professionals are required to treat your personal data to the same standard of privacy as outlined in this statement.
Your consent will be sought in the case of:
A report to dental insurance company
A medico-legal report
Any documentation relating to a “third party” Dental Scheme (e.g. Medical Card or PRSI scheme)
There are certain activities where patient information may be used but where the
Information is anonymised, eliminating patient identification:
Continuing Professional Development. Case studies are a very useful learning tool
Quality Assurance/Internal audit. Audit is a necessary tool in assessing and assuring the quality of your care
If DENTIST should cease practice or should die while still a practicing dentist, the dental team will be guided by the Dental Council’s Code of Practice relating to Professional Behaviour and Ethical Conduct in informing you, safeguarding your personal data and ensuring continuity of care where possible.
Every effort is made to ensure disclosed personal data is accurate and transferred securely.
Personal data is kept safely
Anne o’ Donnell is responsible for data security in this practice. 
Obtained personal data is accessed on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and thereafter, is stored securely:
There is no access for unauthorised persons to manual records,  computers or computer monitors ( our practice management software   has a privacy screen option to protect your privacy  )
The dental team is trained in the secure use of , email and the internet
The dental team is compliant with the practice’s security measures
The practice premises is locked and alarmed when unoccupied
 The practice software is legally owned
The practice software is updated regularly and password protected
Software security is audited
All clinical, financial and administrative records are backed up off-site daily by PlanetDDS
A contract for the security of off-site records is in place between Unodent ltd trading as Mullingar Dental, and PlanetDDS
Anne O’ Donnell is responsible for dealing with any incident where personal data has been put at risk of unauthorised disclosure, loss, destruction or alteration. Management of any breach incident will comply with the advice of the Data Protection Commissioner (Personal Data Security Breach Code of Practice).
Personal data is kept accurate, complete and up-to-date
A staff member will review your personal information with you on a regular basis to ensure we hold accurate, high quality records for you.  Any changes to your personal details, your medical or dental status will be recorded in your records.  We ask you to let us know of any changes in contact details at your earliest convenience.
Personal data is adequate, relevant and not excessive
Every effort is made to ensure that the information we collect and retain for you is in keeping with our aim to provide you with an efficient service and to care for you safely.  We will explain the purpose of any information sought if you are not sure why.
Personal data is retained for no longer than necessary
We retain all adult records for 8 years after the last treatment. In the case of children and young adults, the records are kept until the patient’s 25th birthday; or their 26th birthday if the young person was 17 when they finished treatment. If a patient dies before their 18th birthday, records are kept for 8 years.
 (Dental Council Code of Practice relating to Professional Behaviour and Ethical Conduct, 2012).
Your rights
You are legally entitled to a photocopy of your personal data upon written request.  As well as a right of access you also have the right to have any inaccuracies in your data rectified and to have the data erased. (NOTE: The maximum fee for an access request is €6.35). You will be provided with a photocopy of an x-ray in response to an access request.
All written requests should be addressed to:
NAME Anne O’ Donnell
ADDRESS Mullingar Dental, Austin Friars Street, Mullingar , County Westmeath.
Your request will be dealt with in a timely manner( within 10 working days of receiving the written request)
It is your right to have your name removed from all practice marketing information including ‘check-up’ recalls if you do not consider this information to be in your best interest. If you wish to be removed from our appointment texting service or our marketing/mailing lists please advise Anne O’ Donnell
If you do not wish to have your personal data collected, used or disclosed as described in this Statement please discuss this matter with Anne O’ Donnell.  It is important to know that the collection, use or possible disclosure of this data may be crucial to our ability to safely provide you with the care you require; without your agreement to this process it may not be possible to undertake treatment.
If you have a complaint or concern with any aspect of how we process your personal information we would hope that you would notify Anne O’ Donnell in the first place.  You retain the right to make a complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner at all times.
If you have any questions in relation to this Statement or any issue that arises from it please speak with Anne O’ Donnell
Anne O’ Donnell Compliance Office