Oral Hygiene

Regular visits help you maintain a stunning smile

To assist you in maintaining your stunning smile we advise regular visits to see our dental team. Everybody is familiar with a Scale and Polish, but at Mullingar Dental Centre we do that and much, much more. 

Our dentists will professionally clean your teeth as well as offer recommendations and help with your home care. They will help you fight gum disease by using special medication in the pockets around your teeth and by showing you special cleaning methods. They will check the health of your gums and at regular intervals measure the height of the bone surrounding your teeth. They will help you combat decay by inspecting your saliva to see if it contains sufficient calcium and, if not, by providing a home treatment system to help your teeth survive attack. If you have severe gum disease we may refer you to a periodontist for specialist care.

Research shows that gum disease has been linked to heart disease – it has been revealed that men in particular are 50% more likely to have heart trouble than those with healthy mouths. These bacteria have been implicated in heart valve disease.

You may not realise it but, if you look after your gums but your partner doesn’t, every time you kiss, your partner will be passing their bacteria to you. So make sure your partner gets regular dental treatment as well.

It has been shown that pregnant mums with gum disease give birth to lower birth weight babies than mums with a healthy mouth. The bacteria in the mouth which causes gum disease has been shown to cross the placenta.

No one told me I had gum disease!

If you’ve got bad breath or not seen the hygienist for a while you may have gum disease and not know it! Get into good habits and see our dentists who will help you to maintain a healthy mouth so that you have less disease in the long term.

Did you know that gum disease is related to heart disease?
You’re not alone. A lot of people are unaware of this scientifically proven link, and the simplest way to ensure your gums are okay, is to visit the dental clinic on a regular basis. If you do have gum disease our dentists will work with you to overcome it. Gum disease can affect all ages, women and men, no-one is immune to this disease.

Ensure your gums are as healthy as possible. Call us today!