Retainer Advise


The following information is to help you to understand your aftercare once your active orthodontic treatment is completed. 


Clear plastic retainers (essix retainers) are to be worn 24 hours a day (removed only when eating) for

6 months starting from the day you finish your active orthodontic treatment.


If you choose to have permanent retainers (metal wire behind the back of your teeth), you must also

have clear retainers made and these are to be worn over your permanent retainer at night time as an

extra support. However, initially you must wear the removable retainer over the permanent retainer 24

hours a day for the first 2 weeks after treatment.

After the first 2 weeks you can go wearing the removable retainer just at night time assuming it fits

very easily every night. If it’s tight in any way you need to go back to wearing it 24/7 until that

tightness goes. A retainer will only feel “tight” if some of the teeth have started to move.

Your dentist will show you how to clean your permanent retainer as you will NOT be able to use floss

but you can use tepe brushes to help clean your teeth, we also advise you keep up your annual dental

examination appointments and hygienist cleanings each year.

If the permanent retainer breaks then please wear your clear removable retainer 24 hours a day until

you have a chance to get the permanent retainer repaired or replaced.

We will guarantee your permanent retainer for 12 months from date of application, your dentist will

repair the permanent retainer free of charge but ONLY if the removable retainer still fits. It is

important to note that we will charge you to straighten your teeth if we feel you have not followed the

retainer protocol. The only way for us to know this is if your removable retainer does not fit. Please

note your teeth cannot move if you follow the retainer instructions we have given you.

Thereafter they are to be worn every night FOREVER, otherwise your teeth can move.”Night Time

For A LifeTime”


To keep your clear retainer, clean please use ‘Retainer Brite’ or use ‘Milton’ dissolved in cold water.

DO NOT use Hot/Boiling water to clean your retainer as it will melt the plastic or warp and will not


DO NOT use commercial Denture cleaners such as ‘Steradent’ to clean your retainers.

If you lose your retainer you must get it replaced immediately as the teeth can move straight away.

Please always make sure your retainers are kept in their case when not in your mouth, as they can

easily break or be lost if you wrap them in tissue etc.

Please keep retainers away from your pets as they will be attracted to them and will usually eat them.

If you have a spare set of retainers, please keep them in water as they can dry out and then will not fit

your teeth.

From time to time your retainer may need to be replaced, this costing would be down to

you,The cost to replace a lingual retainer is €180 per arch and to replace an essix retainer

is €100 per arch.