The Wand™

Painless dental injections

Digital anesthetic instrument for no more pain

Do you get sweaty palms every time you think of the dentist? Delaying your treatment because you fear painful dental injections or needles results in more expense. At Mullingar Dental we offer new techniques to reduce your fear so that you can proceed with necessary dentistry.

Painless Dental Injections
Dentists are trained to give dental injections using the same instruments that have been in use for several decades. However, some patients have needle phobia and anxiety of the dental needles. We currently are the only dentist in Mullingar offering our patients ‘The Wand, Painfree Injections’ alternative to the traditional needle.

The Wand™

  • It doesn’t look like a syringe.
  • It doesn’t hurt like a syringe.
  • It works better than a syringe.

No more painful injections in dentistry! The Wand™/Compudent™ is a digital anesthetic instrument which places the numbing solution slower than humanly possible. Most patients comment that it is the most comfortable anesthetic they have ever received. With it being a pain free dental anesthesia, patients quickly overcome their nervousness.

A Better Injection for all patients.
Whether injections make you nervous or not, The Wand™/Compudent™ helps to provide a more effective anesthetic delivery. No more painful injections and you’re more comfortable throughout your entire procedure.

The Wand™/Compudent™ is an excellent example of our efforts to bring you the latest state-of-the-art dental technology and to help all patients have a pleasant, pain-free dental experience every time you visit.

How the Wand™ Works?
The microprocessor inside The Wand™/Compudent™ automatically compensates for different tissue densities. The anesthetic is delivered at a constant pressure and volume that is typically below the threshold of pain.

The computer provides a flow of anesthetic directly ahead of the needle. This numbs the site of insertion and develops a “pathway of anesthesia” so you hardly feel the needle at all.

The source of discomfort for most injections, however, isn’t the needle; it’s the flow of the anesthetic into your tissue. The Wand™/Compudent™ delivers the anesthetic at on optimal flow rate for a comfortable injection every time.

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